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Five-O Food Program

Helping Families For Over A Decade

Police Delivering Food

About the Five-O Food Program

This program is designed to allow law enforcement the ability to support families in need, particularly those we encounter during home visits, searches, and arrests. It’s not limited to those who are unhoused but extends to anyone experiencing food insecurity. For instance, if during a home visit, you notice that a household has minimal food, especially if children are present, you can contact us. We will prepare groceries and food for that household. We will have bags of food waiting for you to deliver, often within the same day or the next day. This initiative not only addresses the immediate needs of the household but also fosters trust and rapport between law enforcement officers and the community members you serve.

Real-Life Impact

The program has proven invaluable, even in situations such as arrests where officers have observed minimal food in a household. In such cases, officers can quickly arrange for food pickup from Bread of Life and deliver it to the family, ensuring they are supported during challenging times.

Building Community Trust

These services are essential as they meet the needs of the families and individuals we encounter while simultaneously building public trust and rapport. By addressing food insecurity directly, we strengthen our relationships with the community. Thank you for your dedication and the vital services you continue to provide. Stay safe.

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