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Helping Families For Over A Decade


When I first started going to Bread of Life it was for food. At the time we had a family of 4 (me my husband and 2 young kids) and hardly any income. If it wasn't for Bread of Life we wouldn't have had enough groceries to last threw the month. Bread of life welcomed us with open arms we instantly knew this was more than just giving food out it was a community. After a few months of receiving food from Bread of Life, me and my husband decided we wanted to help give back and we all (even the kids) went to volunteer. Each of us had a child strapped to our back ad we helped provide others with groceries. And even when we had our 3rd we still came and had her on our back while our other 2 helped walk food to cars. Honestly, I looked forward to doing this once a month. Gina and the others inspired me so much and I now run a small food giveaway for my community with the kid's school. I really wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for the wonderful hearts from Bread of Life. 

Thank you GoodDay

We are so grateful to be recently featured on GoodDay! We cant thank there team enough for shining some light on our ministry to help families in need.

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Big Achievement!

Special-needs class getting their certificates of achievement for training on the pallet jack at Bread Of Life.


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